this is the website of jaxson


My interests are animation and game development but I am shit at both. I also like browsing the web.


This will be a blog where I will be writing about anything I want. Almost finished, donate section isn't done yet.


I want to document things I do so it feels more like they matter.


I use zim wiki with a batch script incorporated into the program as a custom tool which exports to html through a custom html template and uploads changes to neocities through the neocities cli. The only thing left to automate is rss generation. I'll probably write a comprehensive post on the easiest ways to create and maintain a blog when I have the time.

website changelog:

22/06/09 - Experimenting with soupault right now, used it to add table of contents to all posts and remove .html suffixes. ok so putting everything in folders messes everything up.

22/06/08 - Added bitmessage adress to contact page, added links to "a comparison of resource usage between game managers" in "epic, steam and gog clients suck" and fixed some spelling issues. Turns out zim wiki can't handle exporting links to headers, had to remove all of that. Might switch to something else. Added space between changelogs, and you can no longer submit your briar adress since no one uses it and I have to login everytime I want to check answers. Increased line height to 1.4em.

22/06/07 - Changed "initial-scale" to 1, increased font size by 1, made all h1 to h2, put the year back into the posts page and changed the "initial-scale" back to 0.9. Also changed the game manager comparison post and experimented on changing the h3s to h2s on all posts, settling on h3s.

22/06/05 - Made links that are hovered over change into a darker color.

22/06/01 - Changed header on contact or donate page and home page, and changed dates in posts to verbatim. ok turns out verbatim only works in app. Added a horizontal line on posts and contact pages.

22/05/27 - Migrated to zim wiki. Removed smoke on home page, image enlargement on click and background images. Not found page got an upgrade and rss is fixed. Many other changes to everything.

22/05/20 - Made it possible to enlarge the image in the outer worlds review by clicking it, using this. Also tried to improve readibility again in the outer worlds review, as well as putting the inline css I used before on every page into it's own stylesheet and updating everything to use it. (archive)

22/04/14 - Added smoke effect to home page, probably never adding it to any other ones. Also improved grammar and readibility of all blog posts, and made everything mobile friendly.

22/04/13 - Added one more blog post, decided not to remove changlog, tweaked what section. If anyone is subscribed via rss, sorry for the double posts, rss is a pain in the ass.

22/04/12 - Removed changelog from blog entries since that's too much work, added another blog entry, tweaked colors of the background image in the contact page, added rss and finished contact and guides pages.

22/04/11 - Changed layout and home page, fixed nav bar, added blog, contact and guides pages.

22/04/10 - Made website, tried to make persistent footer and nav bar but realized that shit requires javascript after finishing so I scrapped it.