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Lutris gaming and piracy guide

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Epic, Steam and GOG clients suck

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Outer Worlds review

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A comparison of the resource usage between Windows game managers

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website changelog


General changes - Fixed RSS formatting.


Lutris gaming and piracy guide - Major fixes. Ctrl+F5 to refresh. Full system update shouldn’t be done on arch based distros (forgot when writing originally), and it’s unnecessary on debian based ones. Fixed the code snippets. Added to wine-mono section. The dependencies for the gogcheck script were wrong with no installation instructions. Added to disabling internet usage section with when it doesn’t work. Added to winetricks section with what to do if configuring game on external drive. Completely changed pirated games installation instructions because the Wine tweak didn’t actually work with the way that was described before. When mounting a drive, -o loop is unnecessary so I removed that too.
General changes - Added RSS feed tag in header of all pages. Escaped characters in description tags. Added new entry in RSS feed to inform about the big fixes. Also realized I’ve been doing xhtml wrong all this time. Made QR code bigger.


Epic, Steam and GOG clients suck - Moved around the structure of the article and improved readability, the content is still the same. Also fixed first link.
General changes - Made the font smaller and the site wider. Here’s how it looked like before (Ctrl+F5 to refresh).


Lutris gaming and piracy guide - Improved readability and made it more clear why you should check the limit installer to 2gb checkbox.
General changes - Made the site wider and the background black.


Lutris gaming and piracy guide - Added sections on how-to use winetricks in the terminal, improved readability and made everything in quotes and some other words bold.
Outer Worlds Review - Tried to make it more readable again. Also made the image smaller.
General changes - Made all of the posts except for the Lutris guide xhmtl compatible. The Lutris guide has the xhtml incompatibility in the table of contents which is generated by soupalt so I can’t really do anything against it.


General changes - Added color to strong, h3, h4 and h5 tags to hopefully make the site more readable.


Lutris gaming and piracy guide - Created.
Outer Worlds Review - Improved readability and grammar, removed unnecessary stuff.
Epic, Steam and GOG clients suck - Fixed up readability and grammar, and added link to show why you should care about privacy.
General changes - Added “go back?” at the end of posts, added email to contact page, removed Bitmessage address and applied text wrap to wallet address. It’d be great if someone could send me a bash script to generate the website changelog from either markdown or HTML
Setup updates - Started using bashcities, then stopped using bashcities and Geany.


Epic, Steam and GOG clients suck - Tried to improve readability and grammar. Added to GOG and Itch sections with more negatives. Added internet archive links.
Outer Worlds Review - Lowered score, added link to analysis video. Tried to improve readability and grammar.
General changes - RSS got an overhaul and site got completely redesigned. Was originally planning on having RSS for this changelog but I just couldn’t figure it out. I now use soupault as a static site generator along with geany to edit markdown/html. Fixed tab titles and site is now hopefully xhtml compatible. Turns out you can’t use percentages in img tags in xhtml.


Experimenting with soupault right now, used it to add table of contents to all posts and remove .html suffixes. ok so putting everything in folders messes everything up. (archive)


Added Bitmessage address to contact page, added links to “a comparison of resource usage between game managers” in “epic, steam and gog clients suck” and fixed some spelling issues. Turns out Zim wiki can’t handle exporting links to headers, had to remove all of that. Might switch to something else. Added space between changelogs, and you can no longer submit your Briar address since no one uses it and I have to login every time I want to check answers. Increased line height to 1.4em.


Changed “initial-scale” to 1, increased font size by 1, made all h1 to h2, put the year back into the posts page and changed the “initial-scale” back to 0.9. Also changed the game manager comparison post and experimented on changing the h3s to h2s on all posts, settling on h3s.


Made links that are hovered over change into a darker color.


Changed header on contact or donate page and home page, and changed dates in posts to verbatim. ok turns out verbatim only works in app. Added a horizontal line on posts and contact pages.


Migrated to zim wiki. Removed smoke on home page, image enlargement on click and background images. Not found page got an upgrade and RSS is fixed. Many other changes to everything.


Made it possible to enlarge the image in the outer worlds review by clicking it, using this. Also tried to improve readibility again in the outer worlds review, as well as putting the inline CSS I used before on every page into it’s own stylesheet and updating everything to use it. (archive)


Added smoke effect to home page, probably never adding it to any other ones. Also improved grammar and readability of all blog posts, and made everything mobile friendly.


Added one more blog post, decided not to remove changelog, tweaked what section. If anyone is subscribed via RSS, sorry for the double posts, RSS is a pain in the ass.


Removed changelog from blog entries since that’s too much work, added another blog entry, tweaked colors of the background image in the contact page, added rss and finished contact and guides pages.


Changed layout and home page, fixed nav bar, added blog, contact and guides pages.


Made website, tried to make persistent footer and nav bar but realized that shit requires javascript after finishing so I scrapped it.